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  • The high life


    The high life

    The pros have a long history of training at altitude, but can the ordinary rider benefit f…

  • Air max


    Air max

    It’s the universal measure of aerobic fitness that some riders wear like a badge of …

  • Heat of the moment

    Heat of the moment

    If we believe what we are told, warming up and cooling down are as critical to cycling per…

  • House of fun

    Indoor training is highly effective but mind-numbingly dull. Can the latest breed of turbo…

  • Alpujarras, Spain: Turning up the heat

    The Big Ride

    Alpujarras, Spain: Turning up the heat

    Cyclist explores the undiscovered Alpujarras – a hidden treasure of mainland Spain

  • Strong up top

    Strong up top

    Even though many pros have the upper-body build of a 12-year-old boy, a┬ábit of extra stre…

  • The brawn identity

    Are you more of a sprinter, a climber or a plain old rouleur? You may think it comes down …

  • The long and winding road

    The long and winding road

    Winter base training means hours and hours of slow, steady miles…which is fine if yo…

  • Going nowhere fast

    Who wants to spend time and energy pedalling on a turbo trainer when there are thousands o…

  • The joy of flex

    Stiffness may be beneficial in a bike frame, but can hinder performance in the body. You n…