Posedla Joyseat saddle

Posedla’s patented lattice structure with stiffness zones is tailored to your parameters

Atrypophobe’s* nightmare but a bike nerd’s dream, the Posedla Joyseat is a 3D printed saddle, custom crafted from an imprint of each rider’s behind.

While a number of brands use 3D printing technology in their saddles, the Joyseat is unique in its customised approach, which the Czech manufacturer claims provides improved comfort via precise tailoring.

‘By combining 3D printing with customisation, we’re actually making the most of this technology,’ says Posedla co-founder Jiri Duzar. Available in three models – one each for road, gravel and MTB – the Joyseat promises variable cushioning from nose to rear, dictated by an in-depth rider questionnaire paired with an at-home imprint kit.

‘We adjust the shape, the padding thickness, the overall stiffness, the curvature, the lot,’ says Duzar. ‘It all depends on your needs and your butt.’

The Joyseat is made from Multi Jet Fusion technology that ‘prints’ in thermoplastic polyurethane powder, which Posedla says is 80% recycled and is itself recyclable.

The saddle has a competitive claimed weight of just 170-210g, dependent on rider configuration, and is available with several different insert colours.

*Trypophobia: an aversion or repulsion to the sight of clusters or patterns of small holes

Au Price $550
For more information visit posedla.com

Cyclist Australia/NZ