Just in: Northwave Extreme Tech Plus

The Northwave Extreme Tech Plus has been around the Cyclist office before, but with a more classically styled version available we couldn’t help tracking them down again – in a colour suited to Sunday club runs.

With the new-age world of fluro colours and even all-black shoes filling the bunch wherever we go, it’s nice to see a classical aesthetic finished with the latest in retention system tech. There is however, a ‘Be Visible, Be Safe’ orange version for those wanting to stand out from the crowd. Northwave has opted not to use the popular BOA retention system and instead employed what they calls the Speed Lace Winch (SLW 2) – an update to it’s previous system.

The sole is compatible with all the major pedal brands including three-bolt Shimano, Look and also four-bolt Speedplay (with an adapter). The specific adapter allows direct mount of the popular system which seeks to reduce distance from pedal axle to the ball of your foot.


Once accustomed to its slightly different action, the SLW 2 is easy to use for both tightening around the foot and removing after your ride. The lightweight micro fibre upper, with zero stitching, wraps around the foot like a soft glove and ticks the comfort box. Slip them on, dial up the SLW 2 and feel your heel push into the sharkskin-like heel cup – prevents heel lift. The specially designed wire on the SLW 2 also won’t stretch when wet. This is, of course, a huge bonus for anyone who is looking for new shoes prior to the coming Australian winter. Just remember to get the toothbrush out after every ride…


Available in a range of colours, the Extreme Tech Plus will suit both the classical and new-school rider alike.


Weight: 495g (11US) weighed

Price: $399.95

For more info head to Northwave.com

Distributed in Australia through Bikesportz.com

Take a look at the high-vis fluo orange Extreme Tech Plus colourway.