Tested: Niteflux Red Zone 8

The Niteflux Red Zone 8 is designed to battle the darkest of winter nights while also keeping you safe and visible during the day – when we may unexpectedly need it.

Shorter days, darker nights and inclement weather mean it’s not unusual to find yourself stuck in conditions that are far from ideal. However, a lack of sunlight need not send you scrambling home – the Red Zone 8 will have your back in dull and overcast conditions that plague motorist visibility during the day all the way through to the pitch-black of the night.

Featuring up 400 lumens of night or daytime-visible red light, the Red Zone 8 is intended to be run – for up to four hours on the 400lm flash setting – in all riding situations. Such is it’s powerful 300-degree spray of light, that the high-power 400lm mode is nearly too much after the sun sets. The one-button operation will quickly have your lighting perfected for whatever the environment. It can be fitted to almost anywhere on your bike or person. A generous velcro strap is included and allows it to be quickly installed to the seat post or tube, seat stays, helmet, back pack or saddle bag.

Unreliable weather can often mean that when given the chance, we stay out on the road longer than initially intended and the Niteflux has so many settings (easily customised) that you can tailor the ideal lighting power depending on the conditions and ride time. Once home, a standard USB cable will have it charged in no time. Expect up to 100+ hours of run time on the 10lm flashing setting or 12 hours at a more nighttime-friendly 120lm flashing mode.

The graphic below, courtesy of Niteflux, shows the wide-ranging spread of light enjoyed with the Red Zone 8. This is actually taken from an earlier model with the latest version (as tested by us) significantly brighter!


We’ve been using the 400lm version for three months, in conditions which many of us would never intentionally plan to pedal in and can attest to its reliability, ease of installation/removal and user-friendly design. It’s carbon-fibre centre and weather resistant construction will ensure you’re lit up like a Christmas tree regardless of where its fitted.



Price: $149 (including shipping). Available online.
Weight: 85 grams
Features: 400 lumens, multiple steady and flashing settings, USB rechargeable.

Pros: Made in Australia, bright, customised settings, long battery life, easy to install.
Cons: Aero seat post compatibility, velcro strap will need to be replaced over time.

For full details and specifications head to fullbeam.com.au.