SKINS: Men’s and Women’s Cycle Range

Renowned for its line of performance-based sports compression garments, SKINS has more rec…

Renowned for its line of performance-based sports compression garments, SKINS has more recently developed a new range of cycling-specific garments. Cyclist takes a closer look at whats on offer for men and women.

Men’s Tremola Jersey and Reflex bibs

Constructed around SKIN’s renowned gradient compression fabric and with a BMI (Body Mass Index) size-specific cut, the Tremola jersey is designed to sit snug against the body for a firm fit. The sleeves of the jersey feature gradient compression to reduce muscle vibration and fatigue while ‘stretch zones’ and open mesh back panels keep you comfortable and cool. Better still, the jersey (and bibs) feature 50+UV protection – SKINS was born in Australia after all. Finished with three easy to reach pockets and a reflective rear strip, the Tremola jersey retains ample visibility despite its monochrome colourway. A black/white/red option is also available.

Similarly to the Tremola jersey, the Reflex bibs feature a BMI-based size fit combined with gradient compression around the legs – combined with antifriction panels to minimise saddle rub. According to SKINS ‘compression helps get more oxygen to your thighs so that you have more energy to ride for longer and recover faster’ which sounds like a great deal to us. While we’re unable to confirm the claims, we do know that the firmer wrap provided a great level of comfort and zero upward creeping on the legs.

We were also particularly impressed with the seamless and vented chamois, even during some extremely hot rides. The mesh backing and belly section kept us cool while the moisture-wicking fabric worked sufficiently during warmer days. Finished with high-visibility reflective elements, the Reflex bib is the perfect partner to it’s top-half counterpart.

Tremola jersey: $129.99

Reflex bib shorts: $229.99





Women’s Tremola Jersey and Compression Bibs

Cut with a similar aero-style and BMI-based fit, the women’s Tremola jersey hugs the body with gradient compression arms and antibacterial fibres to keep you smelling and feeling fresher for longer. While on the shorter side (for our taller tester), the bottom of the jersey sat in place throughout longer days with the silicon injected lower band ensuring there the jersey never lifted. Three large-size pockets house everything you could need for a short coffee run through to an all-day epic while the trademark Pixel reflective panels boost visibility. The sleek full length zip is perfect for the coming warmer months while two colour choices (black/white and black/pink) provide two very contrasting options.

Featuring a flattering shorter leg length, largely in part due to the wider thigh gripper, the women’s Compression Bib Shorts are perfect for the Aussie summer. Combined with 50+UV protection, the high-stretch and mesh shoulder straps accommodate riders both short and tall while keeping the upper body cool. The higher-cut Y-shape front also improves comfort during longer rides. An Italian-made, triple-density and seamless patented elastic chamois provides the ultimate in all-day comfort, breathability and moisture management – thanks largely in part to SKINdry technology fabrics featured throughout the garment. Strategically placed ceramic panels – in locations that inherently causes rub and chafe – ensure your legs are free to move without irritation while gradient compression wraps the thighs reducing muscle vibration and fatigue.

Tremola jersey: $65

Compression bib shorts: $110