Pirelli P Zero Race TLR RS road racing tyre

Pirelli’s latest tyre has all the claims you’d want to improve your speed.

Before the P Zero Race TLR RS was even launched, Pirelli couldboast it was ridden to 30 victories and 70 podiums at WorldTour level underneath the Lidl-Trek men’s and women’s teams.

The brand burst with pride during this year’s Giro, finally able to say the Race TLR RS is the official tyre of Lidl-Trek.

Pirelli has borrowed compound technologies from its motorsport arm to create the SmartEvo2 rubber, which improves grip (and speed) in wet and dry conditions.

It has also refi ned the SpeedCore casing to make it lighter than the predecessor while maintaining the same level of puncture protection.

This tyre is more about speed than being puncture-free, so there’s not many claims about durability from Pirelli.

The ‘RS’ means racing speed, but it has been tested in some of the harshest conditions known, including Arenberg Forest.

The Lidl-Trek team is so impressed with the Race TLR RS that many of the riders use it on their time trial bike.

If you’re looking for something more durable, Pirelli has all-round and all-weather tyres, but the Race TLR RS is the premium design from one of the world’s most reputable tyre companies.

Au Pricing $144.99
Website fesports.com.au

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