Shimano Aerolite2

Shimano Aerolite 2 sunglasses

Shimano has flipped the conventional sunglass frame with its latest Aerolite shades.

Shimano Aerolite2

Usually you’d expect the rims to run across your brow, but the Aerolite has the distinct look of it holding the lens steady across the rider’s cheekbones.

Shimano promises us it won’t obstruct the field of view and given they were seen on many riders during the CX Worlds, who are we to argue?

If you’re into the way these Aerolites look, you’ll love the features packed in.

For those who wear prescription glasses, they were developed with RX-Clip to ensure a safe and easy fit for your scripts.

They also have a non-slip pattern and radiused temples on the arms, and an adjustable nose pad for a secure and comfy fit, no matter how your head is shaped.

There are also interchangeable lenses available, including a photochromatic gray for those early (or late) starts.

Best of all, they come in just short of $90 – or $150 for Photochromic grey – which is amazing value for glasses with such a distinct look and a bucket load of features.

AU pricing

Shimano Aerolite 2 sunglasses – $89.95 (or $149.95 for photochromic grey)

Visit for more information.

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