Maap Atmos jacket

You’d be forgiven for thinking waterproof kit may have taken a step backwards when Gore-Tex announced its superb but environmentally unfriendly ShakeDry fabric would be discontinued.

But other fabrics have filled the vacuum. Case in point is Pertex’s Shield fabric, which uses a three-ply ‘nanofibre’ structure that claims impressive waterproofing qualities while still being breathable and stretchy.

In simple terms, the layers of fabric allow tiny droplets of perspiration out while stopping bigger rain droplets from getting in.

Maap has put it to good use in its new Atmos jacket with an outer layer that weighs just 120g, despite claiming to offer all the weather protection a rider could ask for.

Features like the minimalist bonded hems and cuff s mean it’s easily packable, though the contoured cut Maap has gone for, combined with the fabric’s natural stretch, means the jacket should be as good for general use as it is for emergency protection.

Pertex promises its Shield fabric is robust, so the jacket should go well long-term.

Not bad for weighing just 125g (claimed, medium).

Au Pricing $395

Cyclist Australia/NZ