Hiplok D1000

Hiplok D1000 bike lock

We’re betting you’re not too keen to carry a 1.9kg D-lock on your next bunch ride, and we completely understand that.

However, we’d also wager you have another bike or two (…or N+1) in your possession for riding to work, to the shops, the beach, the pub, your kids’ school, the bike path, or wherever, and we’re pretty sure you want that bike to be where you left it when you get back.

Hiplok D1000

The D1000 from Hiplok all but guarantees your bike will remain your bike, wherever you leave it.

The D1000 uses a graphene composite, which makes it resistant to angle-grinder attacks, the weapon of choice for professional bicycle thieves. Hiplok claims it’s the only bike lock in the world with such capability, and it was put
to the test on video – scan the QR code below to see it in action.

It also comes with three coded keys, meaning if you manage to lose all of them, Hiplok can recut a set for you.

AU pricing

Hiplok D1000 – $499.95

Visit hiplok.com for more information.

Cyclist Australia/NZ