Go with the flow: Post-ride stretch

There’s nothing as good as a long ride, but sometimes our bodies just can’t keep up. Try this post-ride pose to help stretch out the saddle hunch.

Continually leaning over a bike and hunching whilst fatigued can cause a multitude of postural issues. Many of the backbends and lunges in yoga are perfect for counteracting these effects. One in particular is this psoas lunge with baby backbend. Guaranteed to stretch the hip flexors and open the shoulders and chest, it’s the perfect post ride stretch and a must for anyone who suffers postural.

Step 1 Standing on your knees, take your right foot forward into a lunge, making sure your right knee and ankle are in line. Ease your hips down to a place that feels like you’re getting a comfortable stretch without compressing or ‘jamming’ the lower back. Clasp your hands behind you, rolling the outer edges of your shoulders back and feeling the chest open comfortably. Focus on five deep breaths in and out of the nose.


Step 2 Lightly pull everything into the ‘mid line’ of the body, including the abdomen, side waist and inner thighs. On an inhalation, with the chin tucked in towards the throat, lift the chest towards the ceiling and then begin to lean back to create a small back arch. Tuck the tail bone and feel the space between your shoulder blades grow smaller as you open the chest.


Cyclist Australia/NZ