Tested: Shimano R321 shoes

Shimano’s R321 sees the Japanese components and accessory manufacturer come to the table with an entirely new-look offering for its top-end model.

The R321’s most standout feature, one that supersedes its predecessor, is the all-new wraparound design of the upper to improve aerodynamics. It’s a feature we may likely see more of in the light of the UCI regulations around the height of shoe covers or booties.


Made from ultra-fine synthetic leather, the R321 is highly mouldable when heated (to aid the custom fit process), but once set offers improved support due to its stretch resistance, while even lights (489g, size 40) and more durable than previous models.


The ratchet system has been altered so that the strap feeds inwards under the flap as it’s tightened, rather than protruding out to the side, making it both neater and more aero, in keeping with the new look. The result, says Shimano, is that the R321 is 5% more aero than the old R320 version.


Price: $419

Weight: 489g (size 40), 578g (size 44.5)


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