Gravelaide 3: Medium Course

This was the big one from the original Gravelaide. It may now be called the medium route b…

This was the big one from the original Gravelaide. It may now be called the medium route but make no mistake, it’s a big day out.

Images: Kane Naaraat 

Those of you who rode it last time suffered through some truly horrifying weather (with smiles behind those grimaces!) to battle your way through this course, and we’re hoping that this year you get to actually look around and enjoy it because it’s pretty spectacular!

The route follows the short course for much of it but heads out for more at the 46km point. Aside from the extra 35kms of gravel, there is a rather significant additional climb – easily the most challenging of the day. Steep, technical, and long!

This extra section contains most of the roads (three short sections) that have become a little softer than was the case for Gravelaide 1. Take care of carrying too much speed because you can really open it up on along these stretches. We’ll go into more detail prior to the event.

The medium and long routes will find salvation at a great rest stop with refreshments and toilets at around the 57km mark, where the long route will peel off to continue the adventure.

From this second stop it’s going to be a mixture of terrain, including a really big climb, more awesome flowing roads, a bit more climbing, a third refreshment stop, more amazing roads and views, and a little more climbing before you receive your well-deserved meal from Daisy Burger and a cold one put in your hand!

Some roads will be in great shape, and some will be pretty choppy. Expect a bit of everything. There is little to speak of in terms of sketchy descents, but obviously, take care on all descents anyway.

Yes, the trip up and down Mt Beevor is gone, but if that makes you sad, feel free to adlib (the route passes the base of it) – just remember that if you do you are on your own and that you’ll need to find your own way back on course.

In summary, the medium course is a big day on the bike. We recommend tyres no smaller than 32c, whereas the bigger the tyre the more comfort and less fatigue you’ll experience throughout the day, and the better you’ll handle all soft and/or lose sections. The same would apply for wide-range gearing as the easier gears will become handy for some of the climbs and as the kilometres pile on. Remember that the second half of the route is harder than the first.  At somewhere between a 5-8 hours, your day will include a mixture of surfaces, plenty of climbing, a couple of additional sandy sections, a pretty sweet additional refreshment stop (three in total), killer views across varied terrain, a whole bunch of gravel, and more rad than you’ll know what to do with.


Date: 18 March 2018

Location: Mount Torrens

Start time: 9:00am

Distance: 102km

Elevation: ~1400m elevation 

Time cuts: Just be back for dinner

Estimated riding time at:

24kph avg: 4 hours 15 minutes

20kph avg: 5 hours

16kph avg: 6 hours 20 minutes

+ approximately 60 minutes to include refuel stops at 38km, 57km, and 83km.

If you’ve heard enough ENTER HERE, or second guessing the distance? Check out the preview of the Short and Long route options.