Wahoo Kickr indoor trainer

Believe it or not, Wahoo has just introduced the sixth generation of its esteemed Kickr trainer on the 10th anniversary of its introduction to the market. How time flies when you’re on the turbo.

In years past such a sentence may have been intended sarcastically, but such is the level of immersion and engagement you can achieve during indoor training these days that it has never been more enjoyable.

Wahoo says the rider experience should improve even more with its latest update. The Kickr has become the first trainer on the market to gain Wi-Fi connectivity, which offers greater data transfer speed and stability compared to using Bluetooth or ANT+, ‘helping solve most drop-out issues and delivering on-screen stats over 65% faster than before’.

The new Kickr also benefits from Wahoo’s ‘ERG Easy Ramp’ feature. Should you stop an interval for any reason, the Kickr will ease you back up to your target power over a period of 10 seconds. That sounds far more amenable to the thighs than having to regain target power immediately after a pause.

Pricing: $1,799.95

For further information visit the FE Sports website.

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