Trek CarBack Radar Rear Bike Light

Trek has paid plenty of attention to its bike lights for some time now with its Ion and Flare range, and now it enters the radar light market with the impressive CarBack.

The CarBack features a focused radar that can detect rear-approaching vehicles from up to 240 metres away, as well as a daytime visible light that can be seen by drivers from up to 2km away.

This compares favourably with the earlier-to-market Garmin Varia RCT715, which has a maximum radar distance of 140 metres.

The CarBack is more compact too at just 70mm x 50mm x 31mm and weighing 86g, so compared with the bulkier Garmin it fits well on smaller bikes and those with saddle bags.

CarBack pairs with most major GPS cycling computers, GPS smartwatches and smartphones.

Riders who pair the device with their phone and the Trek Accessory App can select from either audible or visual alerts, and can see the exact location of approaching vehicles in real time.

Radar tail lights are a huge step forward in rider safety – particularly on windy days when oncoming vehicles are more difficult to hear – and the CarBack is a welcome addition to the game.

Au Pricing $299.99

Cyclist Australia/NZ