Thule Round Trip Bike Travel Case

There’s nothing like the anxiety of taking your bike on an aeroplane.

thule travel bike case

Leaving your pride and joy in the hands of hasty baggage handlers who may not understand the preciousness of the cargo inside can turn even the strongest stomach. Thule’s RoundTrip alleviates any anxiety and makes packing up your bike for travel fun.

In an ingenious feature, the frame your bike attaches to in the bag is part of a workstand that comes with the bag. To pack the bike, put your bike on the tripod stand, remove the wheels and handlebars, then dismantle the workstand, fitting the frame into the frame bag.

It means you can pack away your bike knowing everything is attached perfectly, without the fuss of doing it on the floor.

Like all bike bags in this price range, it has smooth wheels so you can glide along the tarmac and, when not in use, it zips up relatively flat (just 144 x 38 x 24 cm) to fit into the corner of the tiniest hotel room.

Anyone else ready for a holiday?

AU Price $1,499

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