Tested: Blaze Laserlight

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could remind motorists of your rights without having to lift a finger or raise your voice?

Well, the Blaze Laserlight might just be the unexpected answer you’re looking for. Constructed using a high-grade quality aluminium casing with a marine-grade steel bracket, the fully waterproof design is built to withstand just about anything mother nature can deliver – where you’d still be out riding.

Tested by Cyclist through the busy city streets of Sydney, the Laserlight isn’t just a safety light with up to 300 lumens of eye-catching white light, it’s also fitted with a laser – as the name would suggest – that unleashes a green bicycle outline, similar to what you’d find in a bike lane. The 100 lumen flashing, 100lm steady or 300lm steady settings operate independent of the laser for a level of that ‘next-level’ visibility on the road many of us wish we had. Battery life is very reasonable (see table below) while the weight is on the heavier side for something of this size. It is however, extremely robust with no plastic or rubber straps used in the mounting.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.36.27 pm

Is a bike outline laser beams essential? Maybe not, but there is no such thing as being too safe. Anything that can help you be seen on the road is a plus and if you’re away from the urban chaos, the laser can be quickly turned off when it’s not necessary. Designed to project between 5-6 metres ahead, it’s obviously not the sort of thing you would use for high-speed roads but in slow-moving commuter traffic, it’s adds a another level of safety and awareness for any surrounding pedestrians, motorists and fellow cyclists.

The Laserlight sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum for front lighting however, this is largely in part to it’s high-end construction, integrated and independent laser, impressive battery life and energy-saving mode that will slowly reduce lighting output as the battery fades – designed to get you home safely. If you’re looking for an impressively packaged front light, with additional safety features and construction that will no doubt last longer than your ride, the Laserlight may be for you.

The details

Price: $180 approximately
Weight: 220g (weighed; 175g head unit, 45g bracket)
Features: Up to 100-300lm steady or 100lm (flashing), powerful laser.

Pros: High-quality construction, impressive battery life and power-saving, independent laser control, waterproof design.

Cons: Many options at this price point, proprietary charging cable, laser not suitable for high speed, must use supplied handlebar bracket for laser to activate.

For more details head to blaze.cc