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  • Perfect shot

    Ride food

    Perfect shot

    It’s the favourite pick-me-up for pro riders and amateurs alike, but how much coffee…

  • Post-ride refresher

    Ride Food

    Post-ride refresher

    Nothing tastes so sweet as that first sip of beer after a hard ride, but is it just a harm…

  • Get your oats

    Get your oats

    Porridge oats are the perfect pre-ride energy food. If you don’t believe us, just as…

  • Tough nut to crack

    There are plenty of coconut-based nutrition products on the market. But does the coconut d…

  • Fluid dynamics

    Water is essential for life, but it’s not enough on its own for optimal performance …

  • Pocket rockets

    When you’re out for a long ride, sports drinks, bars and gels will give you added en…

  • Fast food

    Pasta for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pasta for dinner (with a side order of pasta)……

  • To multi or not?


    To multi or not?

    Should you be taking multivitamins? Our resident nutritionist, Ali Dear, shares the benefi…

  • FUEL: Magnesium


    FUEL: Magnesium

    If you are an avid cyclist (or general fitness enthusiast) you have probably heard that if…