Nick Schultz Q&A

The Brisbane rider with UCI Pro Team Israel-Premier Tech chats with Cyclist about changing teams, favourite teammates and being old school

Interview JACK LYNCH

Cyclist: G’day Nick. We’re coming to the end of another road season. How do you assess your 2023?

Nick Schultz: I think overall it has been satisfactory. I haven’t achieved a lot of personal success, but I have been very focused on doing my best to deliver good performances for the overall team goal.

I’m always aiming to improve so if I can combine those rides with some personal success next year, things are moving in the right direction.

Cyc: What does your off-season typically look like?

NS: My off-season plans change each year. I sometimes spend the full winter in Europe or spend a short stint in Australia. This year I’ll probably enjoy November in Australia before spending Christmas in Europe with my partner and her family.

I definitely enjoy ridingmy gravel bike and the social aspect that it brings. Otherwise, I really try to enjoy the downtime and really recover from the efforts of the season.

Cyc: Some people love bike riding and just can’t stop training. Are you like that? Or does your mind and body respond to a rest?

NS: I absolutely love all things cycling. I’m a fanatic, but I’m also a big believer in taking a good rest. I don’t like to touch the bike for a month after the season and I’m not really into exercising much through that period.

I may be a little bit old school in that regard but I think it’s really important to let the mind and body go. I don’t think you can have the physical highs without having the physical lows.

Cyc: How have you found Israel-Premier Tech in your first year on the squad? We’re sure it has brought different opportunities and challenges for you as a rider.

NS: There’s no doubt that changing teams always presents new challenges. But honestly, the team has been brilliant. The riders and staff are a great bunch of people and that is really important to me. I’ve enjoyed every moment of this year and I’m looking forward to our future together.

Cyc: Which teammate have you been closest with and why?

NS: A couple of the guys I already knew before joining the team. It’s hard to say who I’d be closest with. But from the perspective of culture and things in common away from the bike, I’d say Stevie [Williams] or Corbin [Strong].

Cyc: Talk to us about some of your riding gear. We know Ekoï has just launched in Australia to great excitement. What is your favourite helmet and sunnies combo from their range and why?

NS: I tend to use the Gara helmet for its comfort and cooling capacity. When it comes to sunnies, I mix it up a bit. But I’d say my favourites are the Premium. I like that they are frameless, allowing for full vision.

Cyc: Sometimes buying kit can be a minefield. Is there any piece of kit in particular that you’ve enjoyed or would recommend?

NS: In the Tour de France this year we had some new model stuff from Ekoï that was just released and the model name of that clothing was ‘Outlast’. I really liked this stuff and would highly recommend it for its all-round capabilities.

Cyc: It must be nice to have two more years guaranteed on your contract with Israel-Premier Tech. What are your long-term goals?

NS: It’s indeed very nice to have that job security in a great team like Israel-Premier Tech. I’d love to be part of a really big victory in a monument with one of our leaders. If I could play a pivotal role in something like that it would be a really big goal achieved. On a personal level, I’d like to see myself at the pointy end of some races chasing the odd victory.

Cyc: You’ve been a pro for half a decade and you’ve never raced Tour Down Under – surely that’ll change soon?

NS: Yep, that’s right. I’ve often taken a very European approach to the start of my season and taken things pretty slowly. It may well change in the coming months and I’d love to do TDU one year. I think it would be pretty bad if I finish my career and haven’t done that one.

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