Lazer Z1KinetiCore helmet

The popular Lazer Z1 has had a facelift that has made it lighter, more comfortable and more aero than previous iterations.

Lazer sells the Z1 KinetiCore by outlining its superior fit and feel when compared to its competitors.

Every helmet these days is light enough (the Z1 is 220g in M), aero enough and safe enough, but after hours in the saddle a comfortable helmet truly does make a difference – as does an uncomfortable one.

The iconic RollSys thumb wheel adjustment is now ponytail-friendly and allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment to achieve a tailored fit.

Fashionistas will appreciate the eyewear docking slots to store your shades when you’re not wearing them, and environmentalists will applaud that the Z1 KinetiCore uses 40 grams fewer plastics than the previous Z1 model.

If you’re wondering, KinetiCore is Lazer’s safety technology that protects riders from linear and rotational forces.

It’s compared to a crumple zone in a car and receives five stars in Virginia Tech’s highly respected helmet testing laboratory.

AU Pricing $399

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