Fizik Vento Argo R1 Adaptive saddle

Fizik has pulled out all the stops in the latest rendition of its popular Vento Argo saddle, offered in 150mm and 140mm widths.

The Adaptive features 3D printed padding which, as the name suggests, allows for a saddle that is soft to touch and pliable when you’re seated. Therefore, says Fizik, the Adaptive suits all people in all cycling scenarios whether it’s road, gravel or mountain.

We tested it on road and support Fizik’s claims that the rider can find comfort in multiple positions. Whether grinding up a hill or sitting on the nose on a flat effort, the Vento Argo R1 Adaptive remained consistently comfortable with no sharp edges or unexpected twinges. Even though it was squishy to touch, when seated, the even pressure meant the saddle felt almost as firm as a traditional, lightly padded seat.

There’s no doubt that different saddles suit different riders, and this one is worth a try for anyone who wriggles a bit on the bike and doesn’t sit in one place all the time. While it’s always a lottery looking for a new throne for your sit-bone, a lot of the time it comes down to the aesthetic – and the Vento Argo R1 Adaptive certainly spins heads and gets tongues wagging.

Fizik Vento Argo R1 Adaptive saddle

Price: $549.95

Cyclist Australia/NZ