Campagnolo The Gold Corkscrew

gold corkscrew

This is about as Campagnolo as it gets: a 24-carat gold corkscrew. Yep, for roughly the price of a Giant Defy Advanced 2, you can buy a gold corkscrew with ‘Campagnolo’ emblazoned upon it.

Branded as ‘BIG The Corkscrew’, the titanium version of this bad boy featured on these very pages back in issue 49, and one member of the Cyclist team even received one as a wedding gift last year, so don’t get us wrong when we tell you that this run of only 10 gold corkscrews – available in gold and rose gold – is a little fancy for most of our tastes. Still, as Campag becomes more niche, it’s important to recognise its enormous impact on the cycling industry and its culture.

BIG The Corkscrew appeals to passionate Campag fans who love a decent drop, and if you’re looking to really spoil yourself or someone close to you, there’s nothing that screams ‘extravagant gift’ like The Gold Corkscrew.

Next drink’s on you!

AU Price $3,150 (approx., converted)

Cyclist Australia/NZ