All-new MET Rivale MIPS

The new MET Rivale MIPS, as worn by 2020 Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar of UAE Team Emirates on Stage 16 of the big race, is now available in Australia.

MET says the new Rivale is safer, more comfortable, and more efficient than its predecessors.

“The new MET Rivale MIPS is made to leave a long-lasting impression to the point of being inseparable from our best cycling memories,” MET says.

“It allows riders to have an aggressive presence on the road thanks to its distinctive style and design.”


Safety: With MIPS technology, the Rivale offers all the advantages of the brain protection system against rotational forces.

Comfort: The new Safe-T Upsilon retention system creates stability on the head; the 360° head belt ensures no pressure points on the skull, and its easy-to-use vertical adjustment leaves you with an individual fit. The polyurethane soft padding improves fit, affording a comfy head touch.

Efficiency: The rear of the Rivale features the NACA Vent built-in with lower and tube-shaped profile to make it more aerodynamic than its predecessor. The front of the helmet is designed with wider and longer vents, improving the ventilation; they can also serve for securely docking sunglasses.

Click here to see the MET Rivale release video.

Australian pricing for the MET Rivale MIPS is $250.


For more information, visit the Met Helmets website, or contact Advance Traders.

Cyclist Australia/NZ