Cadex Classics

A look at the new Cadex Classics Tubeless

Introducing the new Cadex Classics Tubeless tyres, which may share a name with Europe’s prestigious monuments of cycling, but which are designed for your own long-distance, mixed-surface challenges right here at home.

Cadex Classics

Cadex tell us that the Classics combine an ultra-grippy, all-conditions compound with advanced puncture protection and Supple Race Casing to provide riders with a tyre choice for the most demanding conditions.

Cadex Classics

Handling: On rough roads or in the wet, the RR-S AR compound offers excellent grip and confidence without having to compromise on speed.

Tactile ride: Single-layer Supple Race Casing offers maximum compliance an an ultra-active ride feel on mixed surfaces.

Supple Race Casing (SRC): Delivers a supple and comfortable ride with excellent rolling efficiency at a super low weight.

Puncture protection: RaceShield+ is a layer of Kevlar-based material over the tyre casing that provides the highest level of puncture protection while maintaining that supple ride feel.

Cadex Classics

Australian pricing is as follows:

  • Cadex Classics Tubeless 25c: $124.95
  • Cadex Classics Tubeless 28c: $124.95
  • Cadex Classics Tubeless 32c: $124.95

For more information visit Cadex Cycling.

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