The VariDesk Laptop 30 provides enough space without taking over

Varidesk: getting out of the saddle

At Cyclist most of the new gadgets and testing occurs on the road, on the big rides, train…

At Cyclist most of the new gadgets and testing occurs on the road, on the big rides, training, and commuting before work. Though this time back at Cyclist HQ we got a hold of the Varidesk. A solution when we are off the bike and back at the desk making magazines.

The VariDesk ProPlus 36 has 11 height settings

Let’s preface this by saying we had a positive experience with this tool but we’re not medical professionals, if you are experience back pain or other conditions please seek professional help.

It didn’t take long before our neighbours at Australian Dirt Bike Magazine (ADB) noticed something different on the desk. ADB Editor Mitch Less and our resident test dummy Alex Malone share their thoughts on the Varidesk.

It comes in two models, Mitch tried the standing style Varidesk ProPlus 36. Alex took the more portable Varidesk Laptop 30 to work from home.

Varidesk ProPlus 36

After experiencing back pain and doctor’s recommendations to improve his posture and try “sitting less”, Mitch brought in the ProPlus “The desk arrived as a flat pack but there’s zero assembly required and sits on top of your existing furniture without needing to be secured. It has two tiers; the bottom is for your keyboard and mouse while the top tier can hold up to two monitors”

The VariDesk ProPlus 36 turns any desk into a standing desk

“Now, I can go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds thanks to the easy-to-access handles. The spring loaded handles are located on the side of the desk and provides 11 different heights. It is built to carry up to 20.4kg and is designed with the weight down low so there’s no chance of it tipping over.”

Varidesk Laptop 30

Alex struggles with sciatica sitting at the desk but he’s always on the go so he took the Laptop 30 with him. “I work remote quite a bit and while my office setup at home is great, my makeshift standing desk has never been perfect. The Laptop 30 takes up no space at all, actually living in a small gap between a bookshelf and can be pulled out and thrown on top of my work space whenever I need it.”

VariDesk Laptop 30 folds to create a near desk height surface

“There’s plenty of room for my notepad – I am a print guy, after all – and when I want to sit again, it glides back down to desk level. I’ve also thrown the regular office chair away and replaced it with an exercise ball.”

Unsure if it’s just an excuse to stay away from the office to spend more time riding but Alex swears “for me, it’s a serious game-changer.”

VariDesk Laptop 30 has nine different height settings

Varidesk ProPlus 36 $550.00

Varidesk Laptop 30 $250.00

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VariDesk Laptop 30 is perfect for smaller workspaces and lifts to a height of 38cm