Venture Cycles

Colin Levitch sat down with Jeremy Peterson the owner of Venture Cycles to chat about mountain bikes, roadies, and the Trek Domane

What makes Venture Cycles unique?

It’s the vibe and the service in the shop that keeps people coming back. It’s a shop run by riders, so we stock the products we like and use. There are a few bunch of rides that leave from the shop, and we try active with the local road club Sunshine Coast CC, and the local mountain bike club, Gravity Mountain Bike Club. We do a Saturday morning ride from the shop on mountain bikes and then there are few sporadic rides through out the week. There is also a road ride that leaves from same place at the same religiously, so we also try to join in on that as well.

What is the best your best selling bike?

The best selling bike that we have is probably the Trek Remedy for mountain bikes and the road bike we are selling the most would have to be Trek Domane. For our local trails and single track the Remedy works really well, and it’s a really good all purpose mountain bike. It is really well put together and rides really nice. Probably the main selling point on the Domane is that it is comfortable. With the way it is designed it is very easy on the body, but still manages to put the power down like a race bike.

What is the most frequently asked question at Venture Cycles?

That’s a tricky one, probably would be more along the lines of ‘what mountain bike should I get?’ Our answer to that is another question, which is ‘what kind of riding would you like to do?’ We just try to get an idea of what they want to do with the bike. As good as we are in the road market up here, we are definitely known more as a mountain bike shop, we have a ton of roadies coming in and asking about mountain bikes.

What is the best tip you can give to customers?

Enjoy it no matter what it costs you enjoy it. That is by far the most important thing.

What are you the most proud of at Venture Cycles?

Being the storeowner I am pretty proud of the way that things have come along. I am proud of the way the store looks and I am really proud of my staff.


Venture Cycles


Address: 2 Venture Drive Noosaville QLD 4566

Phone: 07 5455 6655