Shop Byte: Velosophy

We sat down with Eben Rebner, the manager at Velosophy, for our inaugural Shop Byte. Here is what he had to say…

What makes Velosophy unique?

Part of what makes this shop unique would be that we have access to nine different bike brands, which is rare in most bike shops. Most shops tend to specialise on one or two brands just to make their range a little bit bigger. Since we stock nine different brands it means we can find a bike that will fit our customers better overall. Every brand uses slightly different geometry, and having the range that we do allows us to cater to each customers specific needs.

What is your best selling bike and why?

We probably sell the Look 695 the most. I guess you can look at this bike as the Lamborghini or Ferrari of the bike world. It is not up there with the Formula 1 cars, like the BMC Impec would be, but for people that are looking for a comfortable bike that is very light and rides really well it’s the way to go. It is a really good looking bike as well, the French are very good at designing pretty things, which I think, is part of the reason that it is such a popular bike.

What is the most frequently asked question you get at Velosophy?

The most common question that we get asked would probably be what time are we open till, which for the record our hours are 10 till 6.

What is your best tip for customers?

Hmmm, I would have to say don’t pick a bike based on how it looks. You can spend a lot more money on a bike that looks nice but doesn’t perform very well. Where as you can spend less on a bike that doesn’t look as good but performs very well.
What are you the most proud of at Velosphy?

I personally pride myself on the level of customer service at Velosophy. A lot of times when you go into other bike shops, it takes a while to get service. Which I don’t deny does sometimes happen here, but we do try our best to bend over backwards for the customer to make them as happy as we can. We are much more interested in creating a long lasting relationship with each individual customer rather then trying to get them out the door with a sale like they do at a lot of shops. So if we can try develop a relationship with the customer and keep them coming back into the store that benefits everybody.



Address: 122 Lang Rd Moore Park NSW 2021 Australia

Phone: 02 8354 1995