Paradise Road Cycles

Colin Levitch spoke with Ian Hookway owner of Paradise Road Cycles for this weeks Shop Byte…

What makes your shop unique?

We only specialise in road and triathlon bikes, and Paradise Road Cycles has the largest fleet of road bikes for hire on the Gold Coast. We only hire out road bikes, and when we hire a bike out we have the customers send us their measurements before they turn up so we can have the bike fitted and ready to go when they get here. We also give customers routes, tools, tubes, computers, everything they need to enjoy their ride. Nearly all the bikes we sell in the shop are European, because I am an independent bike store so I can sell the brands I like. Exotic bikes have always been an interest and a passion of mine so I find it more fun to deal with the diverse frame shapes that come from the brands I choose to stock.

What would you say your best selling bike is and why?

There is probably two of them side by side, a Colnago and a Cervelo. Definitely the Colnalgo CLX 3 with Di2 Ultegra for the road riders and Cervelo S5 with Ultegra Di2 for the triathletes. I have got a pretty big range of bikes in the shop probably more then most shops. I think the reason these bikes are so popular is they definitely have a point of difference. They are not the normal; you could even call them exotic, especially when compared to your big store brands like Specialized and Giant.

What is your most frequently asked question?

That has got to be what can I get for $2500. My answer to that is along the lines of an Ultegra equipped carbon fiber bike made by Ridley or maybe Orbea.

What is the best tip you can give to customers?

Invest as much as you can into the frame and the gear set because the biggest upgrade on a bike in the future will be a set of wheels, and of course the old drum we all keep banging, get a bike that is fitted properly. I do a lot of bike fits in my shop and most people come in with bikes that do not fit, sold to them on special from another shop.

What are you most proud of at Paradise Road Cycles?

The way the shop is presented and the client base that keeps coming back. We have built lasting relationships with the people that come in, and for one reason or another they keep coming back, which is pretty cool.

Paradise Road Cycles


Address: Unit 2 / No. 9 Brolga Avenue The Brickworks Centre Southport QLD, 4215

Phone: 07 5531 3144