Manly Cycles

Colin Levitch sat down with Ben Benny the do-it-all guy from Manly Cycles

What makes your shop unique?

I would definitely say the experience and the services we offer. Within the people that work here. The guys on floor selling have been doing it for a very long time so they know bikes inside and out. In terms of mechanics, within Sydney I would honestly say that we have the best mechanics around. We have got about four guys who really know what they are doing in terms of bike set ups, suspension tuning and rebuilding, and everything like that. I think that is what sets us apart from everyone else. We go out of our way to keep customers happy with the service that we offer.

What is your best selling bike and why?

I think at the moment it is either the Specialized Stumpjumper or the Specialized Roubaix. The Stumpjumper is sort of an all-mountain mountain bike. I think the reason that we sell so many of them is because it suits the area particularly well. We have a lot of really cool trails to ride; some of them are quite aggressive while some are very cross-country oriented, and the Stumpjumper is the bike that seems to do it all. Our best selling road bike at the moment is the Specialized Roubaix, the reason being it is definitely more of a compliant ride. It absorbs the bumps and vibrations very well, and the roads around here can be pretty rough, especially the quieter ones. The great rides in the area like Akuna Bay, have plenty of rough sections and that is where this bike excels. People are always amazed how smooth it is while still accelerating so quickly. You really get the best of both worlds.

What is the most frequently asked question you get at Manly Cycles?

That would be, ‘Can you pump up my tires?’

What is your best tip for customers?

The best tip I can give is to be prepared and have the right clothing. Being comfortable on a bike is definitely one of the most important things, and if you have the right kit on you will enjoy your ride more and perform better.

What are you the most proud of at Manly Cycles?

The thing I am the most proud of is to look at where we started and where we are now. Three or four years ago we were quite a small store, and now our floor space is five times that. Our workshop alone is three times as big as what our floor space was. We have just grown exceptionally well, we use to just do family bikes and mountain bikes and now we do everything from your $200 kids bike to your $15,000 road bike. We have grown quite a lot over the past few years and it is definitely noticeable when you look around the shop.


Manly Cycles

17 Sydney Road, Manly NSW 2095