Zipp’s latest weaponry: 858 NSW

Zipp have weaponised the 858, equipping the latest incarnation with its entire arsenal of …

Zipp have weaponised the 858, equipping the latest incarnation with its entire arsenal of technology. The 858 is very much ready to race.

In a suburban street in Indianopolis, in America’s mid-west, lies a gargantuan two acre factory, Zipp’s HQ. A small section of the Speed Weaponry factory is dedicated to R&D, in a far corner lies their advanced development lab, a secretive facility nicknamed ‘The Nest’. This is where plans for the 858 were hatched.

Zipp’s aerodynamics and biomimicry isn’t solely focused on the avian species. The 858 NSW’s most noticeable Sawtooth feature was inspired from the depths of the leading edge of a Humpback whale’s pectoral fins. The whale’s ability to provide such a large animal with manoeuvrability inspired a new area of focus. The varying rim depth, from 77mm to 82mm, allows the 858 to enjoy reportedly increased stability and efficiency through crosswinds over a traditional rim shape. The peaks of the undulating surface are called Hyperfoils and are designed to shed air in a predictable manner, to create what Zipp have coined Aerobalance.

The aerodynamics continue with their unique rim surface, reminiscent of a golf ball, the Hexfin ABLC (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control) dimples help maintain a laminar flow around the Hyperfoil and Sawtooth. On closer inspection, Zipp’s logos run directly over the dimples, but their ImPress technology has actually printed the branding directly onto the carbon to reduce any surface imperfections.

Zipp’s layup processes has kept a wheel of this depth relatively lightweight and laterally stiff, offering handling and responsiveness usually found on much shallower rims. The braking ability is also on a level rarely seen on carbon rims. The Showstopper brake track features ultra durable silicone carbide particles which are suspended in the brake track. Offering great wear resistance, the moulded and directionally texture surface also assist with cleaning and cooling. Of course, all of this is all useless if you’re already riding disc brakes, in which case the 858’s disc brake version is for you.

In the centre lies the new Cognition hubset, it’s Axial Clutch magnetically disengages the ratchet mechanism when not in use, theoretically eliminating any frictional drag within the hub body when freewheeling – perfect for trying to squeeze out that extra bit of speed in an extreme aero tuck. This is all connected to the Sawtooth with trusty Sapim CX-Ray spokes.

The retail release will be from November 2017 with Australian prices to be confirmed.

858 NSW Rim Brake

• 1,750g wheelset total weight

• 808g front weight

• 942g rear weight

• 77mm / 82mm rim depth

• 24.4mm max width (front)

• 23.7mm max width (rear)

• 17mm internal width

• 18 front / 24 rear spoke count

858 NSW Disc Brake

• 1,834g wheelset total weight

• 850g front weight

• 984g rear weight

• 77mm / 82mm rim depth

• 23.7mm max width


• 17mm internal width

• 24 front / 24 rear spoke count