It’s the middle of July, the coldest time of the year, riders line up, jerseys and bib shorts, no leg warmers needed, it’s all blue skies and sunshine for Velothon 2017. Cyclist catches up on Stage 1.

Cyclist previewed Velothon earlier this year, in those warm autumn days we witnessed the spectacular beauty of the Sunshine Coast but we underestimated the true appeal, Velothon provides the perfect platform and roads to ride and race through winter. We take a look at Stage 1 of Australia’s inaugural race in this global series.

Adverse conditions were not required today, the course was tough enough, “beautifully brutal” was the common description. The Glasshouse Mountains providing some visual relief for those lucky enough to lift their gaze above their stems whilst tackling the two KOMs along the 118 kilometres of lumpy terrain from Sippy Downs to Buderim.

Sean Vintin, picked up the stage win, crossing the line in 3:39:44. At 69 kilograms it’s not surprising he broke the bunch on the first mountain top and rode away from his breakaway companion on the last climb to the finish. Local Brisbane rider, Rachel Effeney took out the women’s overall, in 4:10:46.

After today’s tough stage, the general consensus is ‘ignorance is bliss’, the bunch’s sore legs are resting in the clubhouse not quite ready to face the next two days yet. For those curious Cyclist has previews of stages two & three, and stay tuned tomorrow for more results.

Velothon Sunshine Coast – Results Stage One

Men’s Open

1. Sean Vintin 3:39:32

2. Will Kimber 3:44:32

3. Liam Head 3:44:43

Women’s Open

1. Rachel Effeney 4:10:46

2. Lindsay Keating 4:21:59

3. Emma Hudson 4:25:45