Upstanding Bicycle Company – UpStand

Good things come in small packages…


There’s always that one friend who seems to be the last one to park their bike after arriving at the coffee shop. You know the one – it’s that guy or girl with a phobia of leaning their prized possession against anything that isn’t carbon or wrapped. So they lean it up against your bike to save scratching their levers against the brick. Well, now you can free yourself from such annoyance by giving them (or making them buy) the UpStand – a carbon fibre “kick stand”, only without the need for a kick. It’s carbon (of course), and once the tab is installed behind the rear skewer, it takes seconds to fit. It’ll fold up like a tent pole for easy storage in the pocket, or you can use the frame clip to securely fasten until the next time.

$59, 49g,