From the experts in carbon fiber, comes the world’s lightest production road line

After weeks of speculation, Trek is officially releasing the all-new Émonda, the world’s lightest production road line, which includes the 10.25lb/4.65kg Émonda SLR 10, the lightest production road bike ever.

The entire Émonda line was designed from the ground up to be the lightest, best riding bikes available, at every price point. The word Émonda itself comes from the French verb émonder, to prune or strip away. And that’s exactly what they did: eliminate everything that was unnecessary.


Émonda faced the most rigorous ride testing program in Trek’s history. “We threw every piece of technology at it: Finite Element Analysis, strain gauge instrumentation, and a custom-designed cornering computer model,” says Trek. “But there’s only so much you can do in a lab… so for over a year, our Trek Factory Racing athletes and other pro riders performed iteration after iteration of ride testing to determine the perfect carbon layup and ride characteristics. Thanks to this invaluable input, Émonda has quickly become many of our racers’ favorite bike.”


“We are now allowing riders to ‘Choose Your Weapon’ by offering three different road carbon platforms for three different riding styles,” says Trek. The Domane represents the smooth advantage, the Émonda features the ultralight advantage, and the Madone is the aero advantage. The frame colour schemes have also got our tick of approval.

We are just a tad excited to be testing the Émonda line in a coming issue of Cyclist (apologies for the humble brag). Stay tuned for a full review…

Head to Trek Bikes for more more details.