Thule UpRide: Carrier for all occasions

In a cyclist’s world of N+1, the Thule UpRide is just the tool for the job – no matter what shape of bicycle fits the occasion.

At a time of increasingly varied frame shapes, sizes and configurations, the Thule UpRide seeks to minimise the hassle – and potentially damaging scenarios – of carrying your pride and joy on top of a vehicle.

Featuring a versatile front wheel clamping system, partnered with an easy to use rear wheel attachment, the UpRide is the perfect choice for households and families that have a suite of bikes in varying shapes and sizes. From standard road bikes through to off-road machines and down to 20″ kids bikes, the UpRide securely affixes the rack to the car and bike to the carrier.

Designed to protect precious carbon frames and oddly shaped bikes like the Cervélo P5 or even your prized all-new Roubaix, the front clasp attachment can accommodate up to 29” wheels with a maximum carrying load up to 20kg and a maximum tyre width of 3″. Fat bikes are also a match for the UpRide with a Fat Bike adapter, available from Thule.

With zero disassembly required, the UpRide makes rooftop installation and removal a breeze with all adjustments made quickly and without the need for a ‘spotter’. So even if you’re the height of Esteban Chaves, loading your ride onto the roof is a breeze. And because no one likes their ride going missing – even if insured – the UpRide can be locked to the car and the bike to the carrier via an integrated and included cable lock.

The only missing piece to the UpRide is the ability to carry the majority of e-bikes – given the weight limit – however, for those of you with an e-bike in the fleet, lifting your bike onto the roof probably isn’t a feasible option anyway. For this type of ride, throwing those meaty downhill mountain bikes into the mix, the range of tow bar mounted racks like the Australian Standards compliant Thule 939AU VeloSpaceXT 3 are more appropriate.

Thule UpRide

$369, Thule UpRide

$42, Thule UpRide Fatbike Adapter