Thule RoundTrip Pro XT review: solving a soft case

Cyclist might travel more than most and have had our fair share of experience with bags, boxes, cases, you name it, we’ve probably tried it. You might expect we’re excited to see bike carrier kings Thule create their RoundTrip Pro XT travel case.

Words and photos: Cyclist

As most travellers with bike in tow know, a quality bike bag is a necessity and can make or break the journey. You’ve done everything right prior to boarding; cleaned, packed appropriately and put on your Sunday best to hopefully avoid oversized charges. One the bike disappears down the oversized chute, it’s out of your hands until the other end.

The RoundTrip Pro XT tips the scales at 8.6kg, a few hundred grams heavier than other wheeled cases but much more capable. Inside the bag the bike sits within an aluminium frame that doubles as a repair (or building) stand. Take it out, attach the legs and setup the stand for the unpacking at your destination.

The external dimensions are similar to most cases, but with the ability to fit most road, MTB, and CX bikes in the same case design. As usual, the seatpost and handlebars need to be removed. 

The RoundTrip Pro features all the usual bells and whistles you’d expect from a $999 bike bag and includes 15mm and 20mm axle adapters, wheel bags and a collapsible folding frame for neat storage. The rugged nylon shell is coupled with a tough plastic base which is reassuring after seeing the wear the tear on other soft cases.

Designed to accommodate nearly any bike in the stable, it’s the item you might only ever buy once. It’s a far less frequent purchase over all your other cycling equipment so choose wisely. Even my first case has outlasted all of the bikes that came after it. The biggest challenge with the RoundTrip XT Pro will be working out which destination to fly to next.

Thule RoundTrip XT Pro

Dimensions 126 x 29.9 x 89 cm
Internal dimensions 124 x 28 x 85 cm
Weight 8.6 kg
RRP $999.00

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