Trailers or wagons? Thule rides a Chariot. They’re out of Cyclist’s usual expertise so we grabbed a dad with experience with the Thule Chariot Cross.

They’re spotted relatively frequently and popular among suburbs but the Chariot is something we only cross paths with on the commute. We welcome in Owen Rogers, a new father, for a deeper look into using the Chariot.

Out of the box

“The Thule Chariot was super easy to put together and despite the various attachments, I was really only interested in the bicycle configuration this time around”. 

Thule claim it’s ability as a capable jogger, ski trailer, and the default setting as a stroller. In stroller mode all four wheels engage. Whilst in jogging and cycling the VersaWing arm attachments are utilised with room to store them between activities.

Safety first

The main concern for riders is safety, and with priceless cargo onboard it is paramount. Owen’s experience is still glowing except for the odd ‘jack knife’.

“The bike attachment works flawlessly. There’s very minimal jolting or surging under acceleration or braking and even getting out of the saddle feels natural. What impressed me most was just how natural it was to ride. Even on narrow bike paths and the usual assortment of bollards and other ‘traffic’ furniture, I never had any concerns”. 

“The one instance where I had a little trouble was during a very tight right-hander where the arm impacted the turning circle. I imagine that with a little more practice I’d be more familiar with the steering ability and limitations but that said, this was a one-off instance”.

Weight weenies

“It has a 34kg weight capacity so depending on the size of your child, I’d recommend getting them on board sooner rather than later. At H’s current growth trajectory, she wouldn’t make it to her fourth birthday in this particular model”. To cater for the growing loads and ride quality the leaf suspension system can be adjusted.

“Apart from H loving it, I also found it to be a great little training tool for myself. It doesn’t matter how smooth it rolls, the reality is I’m the one towing the weight around”. 

At $1,499 it is in the serious end of the trailer options, but as the old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for.’ As Owen found out “If you can get more than one activity type from the Chariot then you’re laughing”.

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