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We at Cyclist have got word on the latest cycling gear to hit Australian shelves

The Pedla

You could be forgiven for not having heard of The Pedla. A new competitor to the cycling kit game, the high quality M.I.T.I Italian fabrics and superior CYTECH 3D chamios are sure to offer a cool and comfy ride. The kit utilizes the latest eco-friendly sublimation techniques. Boasting 50+ UV protection, and cuts, which provide superior aerodynamics and optimal muscle support the Victorian brand meshes technical and function with striking design. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. 

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ICEdot Crash Sensor

When was the last time you crashed? Did you lift yourself off the ground or did you have someone there to help you? Here’s a scary thought, what if what if you were out alone and were knocked unconscious? How long would it take someone to find you?Unfortunately accidents do happen out on the road, however the ICE (in case of emergency) dot may just save your life.

Attached securely to the back of your helmet, the ICEdot crash sensor uses an accelerometer to detect crashes.When the crash sensor detects an impact it triggers the app on your smart phone, connected via Bluetooth, to send a message with your GPS coordinates to your preset contact, unless you stop it within a user defined time interval.

What if drop your helmet at the café and it triggers the alarm? Simply stop it via your smart phone before the time finishes its count down and your loved ones will remain none the wiser.