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Look fresh with some new kit…

Rudy ProFlow

Worn during our most recent Big Ride to New Zealand the ProFlow was given the full gambit of testing protocols. From ascending and descending the country’s highest sealed climb up Mount Ruapehu to the rigours of being on the road for weeks at a time, the ProFlow breezed through the trip without a hitch. Durable, flexible and willing to be moulded to your facial particulars, the 33g package is also designed to adapt to variances in lighting conditions thanks to the photochromic/polarized lens. The ImpactX lens has been around for long enough to prove its worth for clarity and longevity with the additional safeguard of a near-unbreakable barrier between you and the elements. Packed with additional features like a suspended hinge, updated nose pad and extremely flexible temple tips, the ProFlow fits as good as it looks.





It might be a little too fresh at Chapeau! HQ for just a jersey and bib shorts but luckily for us, it’s still perfect conditions for the Etape jersey and Pave bib shorts. There is not better place to really test a cycling kit than on a Big Ride and we had the opportunity to do just that over in New Zealand. While the location of our ride is yet to be released we’re happy to report that the classic-styled line of Chapeau apparel kept us looking fresh and most importantly feeling good.

A well fitted and properly made kit shouldn’t really standout in any way after pulling up the straps and zipping the jersey. You should more or less forget about it until someone mentions ‘damn! that looks good’. ‘Well, thank you’. One of the nice additions are the white-highlighted sleeves which fit snuggly around the bicep while not feeling like you’re in a skin suit. The entire line of Chapeau apparel may not suitably understated but it’s packed full of high-tech features you would expect from the brand that is “designed and tested in the UK by real cyclists”. We like that, and you will too.

With winter not too far away we should also mention they’ve got plenty of items to pedal away the colder months without turning into a popsicle.


Etape Jersey $145 (approx)

Pave Bibs $220 (approx)