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This week it’s all about the accessories…

Shimano Sport Camera

While you’re all thinking ‘here is another GoPro clone,’ we dare to think differently thanks to this little gadget’s stand-out features. What this POV camera has that others don’t is bike parts behemoth, Shimano, as it’s maker – who had a certain two-wheel riding audience in mind during design. First point of difference is weight. A good 40 grams lighter than the GoPro and approximately the size of a deck of cards, this is a seriously lightweight recorder. Secondly, it’s waterproof. Not the kind of waterproof that allows a sprinkle of water before dying, you can up to 10m without an additional case. The promo video even suggests ‘spraying it off with the rest of your gear’ – the laziness in all of us is cheering. Last but not least, Shimano’s Sport Camera is high-tech. You can connect your device to your phone via Wi-Fi frame the video according to social media site and upload. With 1080p HD filming you can expect a sharp image that will have you the envy of all your cyclist buds. Downfalls? It won’t be on shelves till May and will probably come with a price tag that will have you dipping into your savings. 



POC helmet

POC have mastered the technique of producing good looking helmets that put safety first. Offering more protection than a regular road/XC helmet without going all the way to a full-face lid, the Trabec is another addition to the trail/all-mountain helmet market. While this model was released overseas a few years ago, it’s only just reaching the Australian market. Every helmet sold here needs to pass the stringent and expensive Australian Standards compliance testing, so it always takes a season or two before we see the ‘latest’ helmet models. Regardless, we’ve gone starry-eyed for this looker (that’s right, we’ve got a crush on an inanimate object. In this job, can you blame us!?)

Two versions of the Trabec will be available in Australia; the standard Trabec which sells for $199 and the $299 Race MIPS version.


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