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Stages Power Meter

With most power meters coming in well over $1000, power has been a metric largely beyond the reach of of many cyclists. Based in the cycling centric town of Boulder, Colorado, Stages Cycling is another player seeking to bring power measurement to the masses. Ahead of our review in the latest issue of Cyclist, onsale 12 December we thought we’d give you a little taste of what’s on offer.

The unit works off beam deflection in the crank and then transfers the data to head units through the usual ANT+  protocol or the recently developed Bluetooth 4.0. By utilizing the left crank arm Stages does not impact the drivetrain or fall victim to pedal, chainring, or wheel choice.

Carbon fibre currently poses a problem for the Stages system “because Carbon is a mix of thread and resin, it doesn’t bend and relax with the predictability of aluminium. Aluminium has a linear response to a given force input, or temperature input. Carbon does not, which is why we can’t use this design for carbon cranks,” explained Stages Cycling senior VP Pat Warner.

The small unit weighing a measly 20g contains a strain gauge, an accelerometer, and a temperature sensor. Eliminating the need for magnet attached to the chainstay, the accelerometer calculates cadence while the temperature sensor automatically compensates for temperature drift and the need to recalibrate the unit regularly. Ranging in price from $799 to $1000 the Stages is available in 17 crank options covering road and off road disciplines. 



FC9000 3up large

Bar Fly 2.0

It was not until we used a Bar Fly that we understood why it was such a nifty gadget. The completely redesigned 2.0 holds your Garmin inline, out front and level with the handlebars. Placing the screen in front gives the rider a better vantage point and removes clutter from the stem. Whether using a Edge 200, 500 or larger 510, 800 and 810 units, the clever dual mounting accepts the larger units as well as offering two positions for the smaller units. The durable Delrin clamp is safe to use with carbon bars and requires a 3mm allen key to affix. The advantage of Delrin plastic over aluminium is the Bar Fly will not damage the mounting tabs on the back of your GPS unit. The Bar Fly 2.0 also includes provision to mount your Di2 and EPS junction boxes in a clean and tidy manner.


The Sufferfest Apres Velo T-shirts

Our friends at The Sufferfest have teamed up with Après Vélo to release a line of shirts celebrating the most agonising country in the world, ‘Sufferlandria’. The five shirts feature beloved Sufferlandrian phrases and slogans. If you don’t know what The Sufferfest is, or cannot seem to find Sufferlandria on a map head over to: