Riverina All Schools MTB Challenge

Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill, we’re not too confident of Coppi’s old adage when seeing these young guns race.

The showdown takes place at the Riverina All Schools MTB Challenge in, you guessed it, Wagga Wagga. Held over four hours, the Riverina MTB Challenge is a teams event of three to four riders per entry. To kerb the treachery and offer the juniors a chance against the seniors, teams will be categorised by age: Senior, Years 11 & 12; Intermediate, Years 9 & 10; Junior, Years 7 & 8; Sub Junior, Years 5 & 6 (Primary Schools). To keep it fair each age division will have male, female, and mixed team categories team.

Each age division will race on different circuits, the difficulty increasing with distance, this will determine when rider changeovers can occur too. The Sub-Junior’s course is 2.5km long, taking approx. 15 minutes.​ The Junior and Intermediate category is 3.9km long, taking about 20-25 minutes. The Seniors will race a full lap, 7km long and taking about 30 minutes. After 4 hours the team, in each division, with the most number of laps will win.

Head down to Pomingalarna Reserve, Wagga Wagga NSW on Sunday 5 November to watch youth and skill shine through some future stars of the sport.

For full information and entry details go to the Riverina All Schools MTB site here.