Peaks Challenge – Cradle Mountain

The final event of the Peaks Challenge series has an unexpected sting in its tail. Will g…

The final event of the Peaks Challenge series has an unexpected sting in its tail. Will give the low-down on what to expect along the roads to Cradle Mountain.


The course

Recent years at Falls and the inaugural Gold Coast Challenge have all been blessed with ideal weather. Tasmania can, has and will be anyone’s guess as to what you get served up. Cool conditions last year, it could just as easily be 20 degrees and clear. You only need to look at the recent run of incredible WorldTour riders they’ve produced to appreciate that the combination of weather and terrain shape some tough riders – so expect the same challenge when you head to the Apple Isle.

So secluded are parts of the course that even though the roads are sealed, Strava still struggles to map an accurate course for climbs like Echo Valley and Cethana Road. The flip side is you’re treated to some truly stunning views up climbs that are a lot more polite than those in Queensland. Tricky descents and wet roads mean you’re tested in every aspect of riding – make sure you’re as skilled down a descent as you are going up one.

Getting there

The Spirit of Tasmania ferry means that for many ‘driving’ is an option. And given the beauty of the island, having a car to explore a little further is highly recommended. The produce (cheese, wine, beer, fruit, meats) are exquisite. The challenge could be not eating more than you burn while you’re there.


The Devonport foreshore is where it starts, so anywhere in town (much like Gold Coast) is fine for accommodation. Just be sure to know how to get there the morning of – the numerous one-way streets can catch mainlanders out.

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Looking to kick off the 2017 season with renewed motivation? Peaks Challenge will do just that!