MyCampy 2.0

Campagnolo Spoken Here, this signage was a relief to any Campy owner in distress, now MyCampy 2.0 allows your smartphone to be the translator.

The rich and storied history of Campagnolo attracts a die-hard fanbase who appreciate not only the performance of the components but what some claim is part of their soul too. For others, the premium pricing and compatibility issues steer them away. My Campy 2.0 is here for them too.

The perfect companion for your bicycle, the application is comprised of several sections, the main is MyGarage. This is a virtual logbook for your bicycle, tracking the usage of numerous parts, from the frame, chain, wheels, brakes and even nuts and bolts. It’ll alert the user to any maintenance or replacements that might be required. This may sound daunting but the basic graphic interface, colour codes, and visuals keep it really simple for even the most traditional non-EPS Campy riders. For those who’ve embraced the electrics, MyEPS is the gateway to the EPS drivetrain, offering wireless connectivity to the groupset allowing for firmware updates, customisations, and diagnostics for each component.

While these tools are limited to the home service course, MySessions is for the road, gathering data from shifting and drivetrain usage and the rider’s performance to analyse their riding style, offering tips and suggestions to improve efficiency on the bike. The potential goes beyond your Super Record, MyCampy 2.0 is available on the phone and desktop, and is free and available for all users, it will track any rider’s drivetrain and wheels regardless of brand and electric or mechanical.

Check out MyCampy 2.0 here.