Met Strale Helmet

Industry trends come and go, but helmets are firmly planted. Met’s new Strale combines c…

Industry trends come and go, but helmets are firmly planted. Met’s new Strale combines current designs with some old-fashioned fluid dynamic principles.

The start of the 19th Century saw the invention and success of the Velocipede, the precursor to the bicycle, spread throughout Europe. Whilst the Germans, French and English were dandy-ing about on their pedestrian curricles, the Italians were mourning a great physicist, Giovanni Battista Venturi. Discoverer of the Venturi effect: “a reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section (or choke) of a pipe.” Whether its extravagant marketing or paying homage to their Italian heritage, Met’s secret to the Strale lies in Venturi. 

Clever placement of channels through the helmet body claim to funnel the incoming cool air through the helmet, this is where Venturi comes in, the channels narrow, lowering pressure and increasing the speed of the air moving through, the cool air rapidly pushing through and flushing the hot air out via the rear exhaust vents.

This is the usual concept with vented helmets, but often the structure, placement of vents, and internals such as fitting systems and padding, get in the way, Met’s solution is the primary central vent which draws the air through, and the side vents assist.

Combined with their experience from the Manta and Rivale, the Strale maintains aerodynamic stylings, without a noticeable cost in weight and certainly not price-tag. The medium comes in at 255 grams, not the lightest but not far off other premium offerings. The fit system is ponytail compatible and contains all the usual fine adjustments, but most importantly the dial adjuster and cam divider on the straps keep it simple.

Not forgetting the helmet’s main function is safety, hi-vis colour schemes, a reflective sticker on the rear, and a mount for an led light are also included, assisting to avoid having to use the helmet for its real purpose. Most importantly its passed the scrupulous AS/NZS standards, Venturi or not Met understand the physics where it matters most.

Met Strale

Available in: White, Cyan/Black, Black, Safety yellow/black, Black/Red

RRP: $139.95

Weight: 255g Medium