Mark Webber shifting gears with Aussie Grit

After a career of driving the world’s fastest and most advanced class of cars at the…

After a career of driving the world’s fastest and most advanced class of cars at the highest level, Mark Webber has the same expectations of his bike.

When many think of retirement, they envision slowing down, relaxation, and a move to tropical climes with sandy beaches, Mark Webber appears to have ticked one box. However his move to Noosa has only allowed him more opportunities to chase speed and adrenaline, this time on two wheels.

From Tarmac to trails

Cycling and mountain biking may seem far removed from the world of Formula 1, however the links are appearing stronger than ever with many drivers donning lycra for fitness. Mark Webber’s involvement came about at the peak of his career, as a self confessed “outdoor junkie”, Webber in his own words “found mountain biking very good for my racing” because of the focus and concentration required.

Just as different circuits have their own corners, straights, and characteristics, Webber loves searching for and riding “through different vegetations, different parts of the ride, it does change”, an approach that keeps bringing him back for more, and now in retirement he has even more time and energy to pursue this passion for cycling.

Custom Carbon

Now the big question: what does a person who has spent their life searching for marginal gains and testing the most advanced technologies look for when buying a bicycle? What does Aussie Grit ride?

A Trek Project One Top Fuel. Project One is Trek’s customised bike programme, “with Project One there is no compromise” as Mark appreciates. The choice for Webber was easy, “the correlation between bikes and car has probably never been closer, I think, there has been a lot of crossover, and Trek are certainly pushing the boundaries on that”.

As Mark knows, a bike “is a big personal thing”, after an introduction to Project One at the local bike shop he could control the build from home, allowing him full customisation as “the website’s massively user friendly” which he agrees “can be dangerous”. The choices didn’t stop at the specs and component choices, the custom paintwork is equally important as Mark admits “a bike that looks good is a fast bike, in your mind.”

Watch the video for an insight into Mark Webber’s new ride and Project One.