During the month of March push yourself that little bit harder, ride further than ever before and get yourself out of bed and see the sunrise as much as you can – all in the name of battling preventative cancers.


As our readers, you know that we have photographer Marcus Enno (a.k.a famous Instagrammer @BeardyMcBeard) to thank for a quite a few of our stunning Big Ride spreads – who can forget the enchanting New Zealand trilogy or Tasmania piece we ran some issues back? Yep, the man behind the camera was Marcus.

Now, he is the man in front of the camera, and all for a good cause. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2014, at just 31 years old, Marcus was determined to get back on the road to recovery, and his bike. Continuing to ride while undergoing chemotherapy, just one month after his final treatment in December 2014, Marcus rode 500km across Tasmania in five days, camping along the way.

As a professional photographer specialising in cycling, Marcus documented the journey, sharing his stunning and motivational imagery with his 31k followers on InstagramMarcus says the ride was a huge undertaking and he was exhausted when he finished, however it signified an important milestone for his recovery.

Today, in good health, Marcus along with other athletes – Olympic gold medal swimmer Alicia Coutts, Southern Stars all-rounder Ellyse Perry, 100m hurdler Michelle Jenneke and brain cancer turned triathlete Jacob Walker – as ambassadors for Cancer Council, will be encouraging people to run, ride or swim down cancer for The March Charge. The goal is to make Australians healthier and combat cancers that can be avoided with prevention measures alone, including exercise.

To get involved decide whether you’ll ride, swim or run throughout the month, register for The March Charge and then enlist the support of your family and friends by donating to the cause. If you’re a cyclist, already racking up the km’s why not kill two birds with one stone and get some dollars donated to a great cause. If you’re not, it’s never too late for a new New Years resolution to get fit and commit to exercising for a whole month.

For more information visit The March Charge website: themarchcharge.com.au