Coffee Stop of the Year 2015 prize winners

BayTen Espresso isn’t the only winner in this years competition, here are the lucky readers who have won a sweet prize, just for voting…

This years Cyclist Coffee Stop of the Year competition received an overwhelming amount of votes, which doesn’t surprise us. Anyone who rides knows how important that morning cup of joe is to getting a good start on the day, and having that moment of morning bliss wouldn’t be possible without the guys behind the machine. Thanks to all you readers who showed your coffee stop some appreciation by voting and making this competition such a success, we think it’s only fair you also get a little loving thrown your way. Here are the lucky winners…


Custom Astir titanium bike $6,500 value

WINNER: Phillip Coombes QLD

Coffee - Bike prize

Classically styled with all the benefits of contemporary materials and modern frame building technology, Astir titanium bicycles are made to last – and look damn good too! The lucky winner will be given free rein to choose from the 3AL/2.5V (Grade 9) Ti tubing range of Astir framesets before hanging their favoured parts off the bike to the value of $6,500.


Custom MyBonts $579 value

WINNER: Zoe Wilson NSW

Coffee - PBont prize

One foot a half-size bigger than the other? Can never find a pair of cycling shoes with your favourite colours? Bont has the solution: MyBonts. Choose from three models – Vaypor, Vaypor+ or Zero+ – and design your own pair of custom-made cycling shoes to suit your taste. Finish it off with your name embroidered on the heel.

Lazer LifeBEAM helmet $299 value


Coffee- Lazer Helmet

Say goodbye to chest straps and hello to Lazer’s LifeBEAM helmet. Not only will the helmet help prevent injury in case of a fall, but the integrated heart rate monitor also tracks your progress and allows you to see how hard you’re working on your ride via your smartphone application.

2x Good Fuel Co. voucher $200 value

WINNERS: Kylie Kastellic NSW and Nathan McKelligott NSW

Coffee - Good fuel

Whether you like your energy bars soft and fruity, chewy with chunks or nutty and crunchy, Good Fuel Co. is your one-stop shop. Gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free and guilt-free, these all-natural energy bars will have you refuelled and ready to take on the next climb in no time.

5x 1-year subscription to Cyclist

WINNERS: Shannon Laffey VIC, Kirsty Burke QLD, Tanya Elliot WA,  Todd Mcneill QLD, David Rutherfod WA

CYC14_001_Cover-FINALx2Receive a free one-year subscription to Australia’s premium cycling magazine. From the ultimate rides to the latest gear and interviews with the cycling world’s biggest names, Cyclist is the road cycling magazine you won’t be able to put down.