Bont Blitz road shoes

If the shoe fits…

Any bikefitter worth their salt would agree that adequate support and alignment of the foot should never be undervalued. It’s so often the root cause of the bodily niggles we experience during cycling; not to mention the vital role that the foot/shoe/pedal interface has in transferring power to the pedals. Bont has been a pioneer in customisable footwear, with its biomechanically designed lasts and home oven-mouldable shoes becoming firm favourites.

The new Blitz takes several cues from Bont’s top-end models while sitting at a less coronary-inducing price point. Still at the heart of the design is a low-stack-height (just 3.6mm) full-carbon sole that cups the foot, especially around the toe box, which allows the forefoot and toes to spread naturally. Once heat-molded to the individual’s foot, it offers superior lateral support, too. The Blitz is pretty svelte – our size 44.5 weighed 250g – and there’s plenty of fine-tuning for the closure via an upper Boa dial and lower Velcro strap.

Full review coming soon.


Find your nearest dealer via Australian distributor Echelon Sports.