Big Ride essentials: Capo Cycling review

We put the latest offerings from Capo Cycling to the test – during some demanding conditions in Sydney’s Blue Mountains.

Every cyclist wishes they were in Europe for the summer, but really us Antipodeans can’t complain about being home in July, still mornings with a bite in the air and a warm sun is often more alluring than the usual scorching summer day. The best advice to survive winter: clothing.

Cyclist takes a look at Capo Cycling’s latest offerings for those colder days, with two bib shorts: GS Bib Shorts and Levi GF Bib Shorts, and two jerseys: GS Leggero Wind Jacket and Lombardia LS Jersey. Capo clothing is often recognised for their custom kits and premium socks, however their retail range has expanded to showcase the versatility of their technical fabrics. What they lack in epic marketing strategies or a WorldTour sponsorship they’ve made up for with technical fabrics, maintaining Italian manufacturing and a focus on products ready to ride.

GS Bib Shorts

The development has continued with the GS range, the bib shorts feature 15 panels combining various fabrics, which actually offered an evenly distributed compression feel, this is apparently the desired effect of Carbon Lycra®. Impressively the snug fit ran all the way through, a super grippy leg band assured they didn’t move in 8 hours (which also put the chamois to the test), the fabric is also highly reflective, what they term as 360º Luminescence. The bib straps have also been improved upon previous years with the addition of a bonded heavier material which sits in place without that minutely irritating rolling or folding over near the collarbone and shoulders.
RRP: $269.



On days like today it pays to be safe and seen.

GS Leggero Wind Jacket

The GS Leggero Wind Jacket keeps with the Gruppo Sportive trend, combining numerous fabrics, the most important is their Element 4, which held up to it’s name in the wind and some light rain on a 5 degree day. The warmth, wicking properties and addition of pockets work as a stand-alone jersey on cold days, saving the hassle of arm warmers and gilets. As with most of this season it’s got fluro, just a few accents for visibility but not too much to be garish.
RRP: $289.

Capo Leggero long sleeve jersey.

The Leggero LS jersey kept us warm and dry on a chilly 5-degree morning.

Levi GF Bib Shorts

The Levi Gran Fondo shorts are a limited edition version of Capo’s popular Super Corsa series. The style and feel is very similar to the GS, smooth technical fabrics with compression and sleek leg grippers.


The Levi GF bib is a limited edition colour, available each year.

Capo Levi GF bib shorts

Fluro highlights are not only safe but in-vogue.

The grippers prove essential when adding knee or leg warmers and if visibility was a concern they also feature 360º Luminescence and a lot more fluro, which when combined with the jersey is a very unique kit. The combination of materials form a sleek fit, which seems delicate but coupled with the chamois from EIT it proves hardy.
RRP: $289.

Capo Cycling Levi GF bibs

Tall leg grippers ensure your leg warmers stay in place

Lombardia DWR Jersey

The Lombardia DWR jersey is Capo’s offering in the market of all-weather lightweight racing jerseys. The fabric may appear light and thin but it includes much of the same technology as their premium wind jackets, including the Element 4 membrane and the water repellant DWR Thermo Roubaix fabric.

The high-cut neck is snug and comfortable

Capo Lombardia DWR jersey

The race-fitting cut is warm, dry and most importantly, aero.

Most of all it’s soft and warm on the inside, with snug sleeves and a high collar to trap the heat. Don’t be alarmed by the XXL tail, it does actually keep your backside dry, and most importantly can be tucked into the jersey when its dry. RRP: $279.

Capo Lombardia DWR jersey tail

The tail can be tucked away when weather permits.

Weighing it up


Technical fabrics

Compression and comfortable fit

Unique features, such as grippers & 360º Luminescence

Higher-end pricing

Fabrics may be delicate

Sizing is individual, tops and bottoms may not match


Need a Capo fix?

Head to the Capo Cycling Australia website for some great end of season deals.