Attaquer X Sydney Romantics: Kittin’ to the curb

Always pushing the boundaries of kit designs, Attaquer collaborate with Sydney Romantics t…

Always pushing the boundaries of kit designs, Attaquer collaborate with Sydney Romantics to try a fresh look on the sidewalk.

The Sydney-based cycling apparel company has built a strong fan following, starting local and now branching globally, their new range is a nod back to their roots. Though there was never any doubt they’d lost their way, with every launch of a technical range with minimal and muted designs was always followed by their loud limited editions. With a little help from clothing and lifestyle brand Sydney Romantics they’re branching into streetwear, a range of throwbacks to the past with trademark Attaquer boldness, some technical details thrown in, and definitely cycling friendly.

From Cyclist’s count the range features approximately 14 items, designed for men, or totally unisex in streetwear trends. In similar fashion to their lycra there’s plenty of riffs on recognisable motifs and fresh takes on old icons, especially a nod back to pop culture and bold designs from the 80s and 90s. The cycling aspects are in the details, the shorts and pants are stretch cotton for climbing over the top tube, the shirts feature moisture wicking and ventilated fabrics with stash pockets and subtle reflective strips for an impromptu commute.

Cyclist previews a few items below. (Disclaimer: these thoughts are Cyclist‘s only. We would never presume to know what the mad geniuses behind Attaquer are actually thinking).

Camo: Always a recurring fashion favourite, from GI Joe to Destiny’s Child, perfect for blending into the concrete jungle.

Vintage gas station mechanic or Charlie Sheen circa Two and a Half Men? Either way you’ll be #winning!

It’s a long way to the top.

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. And all shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school. A li’l bit Fresh Prince meets fresh pow, Bel Air takes on 90s Aspen apres ski. 

The release will expectedly cater to Attaquer’s loyal limited edition fans, and the assistance of Sydney Romantics is adding real cachet to the range and their future in streetwear.

There’s just one thing missing, Cyclist wants the urban sombrero! Season 2 perhaps?

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