Attaquer All Day kit: Feel-good fit, classy appeal

The Attaquer All Day kit is a mature offering from the Aussie-born, Italian-made brand. Fe…

The Attaquer All Day kit is a mature offering from the Aussie-born, Italian-made brand. Featuring a feel-good fit and classy appeal, All Day is the staple every rider should have in their collection.

Words & Photography: Hans Schmidt 

Detailing the compatibility of a cycling kit is always going to get a little personal, the make or break elements of bib shorts demands the reviewer goes deep into the ‘too much information’ category. Attaquer’s All Day kit is a technical ensemble with a more subtle aesthetic over the Limited range but if there was one kit from the Aussie brand you simply must have in your repertoire, it’s this one.

If you’ve found yourself here, Attaquer is far from foreign but for those new to the label, I’ll do my best to quickly introduce this boundary-pushing cycling brand. From its early days, Attaquer has since branched out from its Sydney street vibes and is now a serious player in the international cycling apparel market. The brand’s maturity and presence is reflected in the All Day kit – a staple in the steadily growing and developing range. Designed in Australia with technical Swiss fabrics, the whole package is then finally sewn up in Italy.

The Attaquer All Day range is designed in name with a focus on rides that will, you guessed it, keep you comfortable all day. Cyclist more recently took hold of a pair of Men’s shorts and a ‘Club’ motif jersey (both size medium) but it’s worth checking out the range of colour options across both the bibs and jerseys and of course, there’s a women’s selection too. Reminiscent of the European hay day’s of the 1960’s, the legendary teams, the dominance of Anquetil and the rise of a young Merckx, the Motif jersey has a modern vintage appeal complete with lettering and stripes. In classic Attaquer style, the jersey features a close to skin fit and a ‘F#CK YEAH’ slogan on the collar.

The proof is in the padding

First impressions don’t always hold true for cycling kit, the mesh straps, jacquard gripper on the legs and a big blue foam chamois leaving me somewhat underwhelmed when first removed from the packet. I’ve since eaten these words. The minimal and well-designed panels pair to a perfectly cut design that gives the shorts a solid hold and unbelievable amount of stretch in all the right areas. The overall design, flat-lock seams and Attaquer’s restrained graphics (in blue or black) gives a clean look which will conveniently match all matter of jerseys of varying colours and styles.

First up, the home change room test. The Attaquer All Day leg gripper caught slightly on my knees on first installation but given the bib shorts’ stretchy material, it quickly slid over and up into place – I almost didn’t notice. The lightweight mesh straps sit comfortably over the shoulders with barely an adjustment needed prior to throwing on a jersey. These bibs are Sunday morning pyjama levels of comfort.

This is Sunday morning pyjama comfy.

With a quick mirror check, I walk around the house, grab my helmet, shoes and barely noticed the chamois. It’s contoured well and for my caboose, is neither over built or under qualified. Once on the road, the bibs instantly show their stuff. I’ve never been so immediately impressed by a pair of bib shorts – seriously. There’s an absence of pressure in any particular place which I can only assume, is thanks to the two-piece construction of the chamois. There’s an increased thickness through the middle with a little less towards the front and back of the butt.

A proper fitting pair of bib shorts will feel great on the saddle but it’s actually when climbing or sprinting out of the saddle where the real truth will be exposed. Again, the All Day bibs provide me with a ‘barely there’ sensation, the chamois and even the seam through middle of the padding go unnoticed. Back in the saddle the material grips well against the saddle which is a nice touch. I remember my very first Attaquer kit, a Season 1 Limited Edition set that had a shiny fabric on the underside that left me slipping and sliding all the way up and down the seat. For someone who doesn’t move around a heap on the seat, the All Day is ticking the boxes.

The leg grippers are equally… grippy. This area is quite subjective but aesthetically, I prefer a laser-cut edge like that found on the Cuore X1 or a wider band like what Giordana or MAAP would use. After brushing up on my haberdashery, I’ve since learned it’s called jacquard. Look downwards and you might recognise these from your boxer/briefs elastic. Constructed into the elastic is a logo on the front and on the underside a motto printed in silicone, definitely a little more technical than your Bonds. Rapha also use something similar on its ProTeam bibs and if those were once good enough for Team Sky (Ineos), its use has been tested and proven at the sport’s highest level.

Most importantly, the All Day leg gripper is stretchy enough to avoid the dreaded sausage leg. You won’t find any of that here.

…most importantly stretchy enough to avoid the dreaded sausage leg.

Grippers aside, Attaquer has clearly got the All Day bibs down to a fine art. The selection of materials, design and cut simply works. Once on, the bib shorts stretch in a flat way without any disruption to the aesthetic. All that stretch is met with a solid hold and, to reiterate my early mention, they are insanely comfortable.

Sleeve long, collar low

In similar vein to the All Day bibs, the jersey hits the mark however, this time around, I was immediately impressed by the clean look. The bold yet subdued style has an almost luxurious feel and once on, features a slender cut. Some size medium jerseys, in other brands, look good when pulled on but then show an unacceptable amount of fold and bulging when bent over to ride. The All Day jersey doesn’t do any of that, it’s properly fitted and feels fast before you’re even clipped in.

Pulling my arms through the sleeves was similar to my legs in the bib shorts. At first, the sleeve cuff caught just above the elbow but with a little tug, promptly carried on. The All Day sleeves feature a longer cut than you’ll find on many jerseys but unlike the bibs, the the cuff is a little less forgiving despite being sans gripper. The tightly and discreetly folded and bonded cuff gives the impression of a laser cut edge but I assume this method will endure many more kilometres and washes before showing any signs of wear. Like the leg gripper, it sat low on my arm, just a little way above the elbow and although I noticed it, I didn’t once need to pull at it.

The three rear pockets are ample sized and deep enough to secure a mini-pump while the women’s jersey opts for two pockets. Once on, the fabric is tight enough that you can be sure whatever is in there won’t be coming out. The junctions are bonded reinforced too, something I’ve never noticed but adds some piece of mind to the quality and durability of a kit at this price point. Crucially, when loaded up, the pockets and bottom hemline won’t sag.

The collar width tapers towards the zipper, this is a huge tick from me

The collar width tapers towards the zipper at the centre which is a huge tick from me. Perhaps I’ve got a short neck or a stem staring issue but surely I can’t be the only one who dislikes the feel of the collar or zipper rubbing on their neck? Attaquer clears knows what’s up and has even included a protective inner flap for full protection. Even more surprising, is it appears to utilise the same zipper and tab as what I’ve got on my enduring Season 1 kit. When you’re onto a good thing.

The materials used are noticeably different from that Limited offering with the front hexagonal mesh feeling slippery and aero. The high thread count feels like a luxurious bed spread and the fine knit works well to keep the wind off the chest while the side panels are super breathable. The mesh is noticeably more porous than other jerseys I’ve worn and as such, I’d be more than happy to wear this throughout the warmer months too.

Final thoughts

One of the most comfortable kits I’ve come across. I didn’t notice the claimed compression benefits of the bib short material but the stretch factor is incredible. The combination of well-cut panels and flat lock stitching ensures the whole ensemble just sits where it should and fits exactly how I like. The jersey didn’t bunch or sag and the chamois didn’t move. I realised on reflection that I never once adjusted, pulled, or tugged on anything. Again, the zipper. Huge tick. On more than one occasion I had to check my zipper was done up because I couldn’t feel the collar on my neck. Another telling characteristic was the kit was whisper quiet when riding with not a flap or bulge in sight.

Praises sung, I did notice some unusual features for kit in this price range. If I was to be really pedantic about the ‘All Day’ tagline, I’d love to see the inclusions of a weather resistance rear jersey pocket as would a few more reflective strips. There is however, a reflective logo option in the All Day bib range – and is on the Christmas list. My only other question is regarding the radio pockets. I appreciate summer bodies are built in winter but all the training in the world won’t have me ready for the WorldTour.

Attaquer seems to have matured in perfect step with their age. Just as I was a young cyclist when they launched, I loved their shake-up on kit designs. Now, my near mid-30’s fashion sense craves more subtle designs and my near-dad-bod appreciates the sleeker lines too.

Is this the best kit I’ve ever worn? Possibly but certainly up their with the most comfortable. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised. The All Day kit is a premium offering from a brand that lives and breathes cycling. As every season passes, the bar is set a little higher and Attaquer have delivered.

Attaquer All Day Collection

Price: $189.95 (jersey), $289.95 (bibs)

Materials: Compression and UV Guard fabrics with 4-Way Flatlock stitching.
Jersey: Polyester/Elastane; Bib Shorts: 2-Piece Chamois, Polyamide and Elastane.

Sizes: Mens XS–XXL, Womens XXS–XL

View the Attaquer All Day full range, specs, sizing,, and shop at